Maha Shivaratri 2015 Shayari

On this devotional Occasion of Maha Shivaratri greet your loved one by sending Lord Shiva Blessings and wishes.We have great collection of Maha Shivaratri 2015 SMS Wishes Quotes Wallpapers and Images. You can also send your sms to us we will publish it with your name on our website.

As you all know that Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival celebrated by Hindus annually. It is believed that on this day Lord Shiva was married to Goddess Parvati. Some places of India Maha Shivaratri called shivratri or Great Night of Shiva.

Maha Shivaratri 2015 Shayari


Om me hi Astha
Om me hi Vishwas
Om me hi Shakti
Om me hi Sara Sansar
Om se hoti hai achchhe din ki suruwaat
Bolo.. Om Namah Shivaya

ara Jahan Hai Jiski Sharan Me,
Naman Hai Us Shiv Ke Charan Me,
Bane Us Shiv Ke Charano Ki Dhool,
Aao Mil Kar Chadhaye Hum Shraddha Ke Phool.

Bless us with the happy &
peaceful life with noble wisdom.
May there be peace in every home!!!
Happy Mahashivratri

बम भोले डमरू वाले शिव का प्यारा नाम है
भक्तो पे दर्श दिखता हरी का प्यारा नाम है
शिव जी की जिसने दिल से है की पूजा
शंकर भगवान ने उसका सवारा काम है!
हेप्पी शिवरात्रि!

Shiv Ki Shakti Mahan hai,
Jisne dil se ki shiv ki bhakti,
Usse Mila Shiv ka Vardaan hai,
Toh ess pavan avsar par,
Jao mandir aur lo Shiv ka vardaan.

We wish you all a very
Happy Shivratri.
May Lord Shiva and
Mata Parvati shower
their blessings to everyone.
May this festival be a
purposeful one to everybody.

Start the day by saying bam bam bhole
Shivratree blessing to you and your family
May Lord Shiva bless you with good health
Happy Maha Shivratree.