Vaidyanath Temple

Here we are going to talk about the Vaidyanath Temple. This is one of the largest temples within Adhra Pradesh. This temple gets known by lots of names such as Baidyanth Temple and Vaijnath Temple. This temple is located in a particular area which is known as Deogarh. It is the part of Santal Parganas region of Bihar. In this place also one of the Jyotirlingams. In most of the schools In Andhra Pradesh, students get taught that Vaidyanath is a Vaidyanatha Jyotirlingam. Lots of worshippers of Lord Shiva think that if someone worships of Vaijnath Jyotirlinga then he gets rid of all his problems and sadness in his life. Moreover if you worship with full devotion and love then you can get Moksha easily which is one of the hardest things to do. Huge numbers of devotees visit this temple in order to get the wealth, happiness and to cure all the sadness from their life. There is a tradition to visit here and that is carrying “Kanwars” on the shoulders and then visiting this place. This is one of the most ritual things ever.

Historical Reasons Behind Vaidyanath Temple

As per the Shiva Puranas, evil King of Lanka, Ravana contemplated upon Lord Shiva, as he needed to demand him to approach Sri Lanka and make his capital strong. It is said that Ravana endeavored to lift Mount Kailash and bring it with him to his capital. In any case, Lord Shiva smashed it with his finger. Ravana petitioned him and looked for his kindness, after which Bhagwan Shiva provided for him one of the twelve Jyotirlingams on the condition that in the event that it were put on the ground it should fix itself to the ground and might stay there for endlessness. Ravana thanked Lord Shiva and holding the Linga painstakingly began off to the Lanka. In any case, Varuna the God of water, entered his midsection and made him feel an earnest need to diminish himself. Vishnu then descended as a fellow and volunteered to hold the Jyotirlingam as he assuaged himself. Before Ravana returned, Vishnu set the Jyotirlingam on the ground and it got to be attached to the spot. A disillusioned Ravana offered extreme compensation to Shiva here, and cut off nine of his heads. Shiva resuscitated him and joined the heads to the body, as though by the work of a Vaidya or a doctor, consequently this Jyotirlingam passes by the name Vaidyanath. Vaidyanath is one of the 52 Shakti Pitha sanctums of Sati. It is accepted that the heart of Sati fell here, when her half copied body being conveyed by Shiva toward the end of Daksha′s Yagna was slashed to pieces by Vishnu′s plate.

Making of Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga Temple

Vaidyanath Temple at Deogarh houses an open patio bound by stone dividers. In the sanctuary complex are twenty-two different sanctuaries. The Baijnath or Vaidyanath sanctuary confronts east. The highest point of the Shiva Lingam is somewhat broken, keeping with the legend that it wore down when Ravana attempted to evacuate it. Close to the sanctuary is the Shivaganga Linga. Hope you guys liked the article. To know more about Indian Temples keep visiting our site.