When is Maha Shivaratri ??

Well as we all know that Maha Shivaratri is about to come but the question is when is Maha Shivaratri?? Maha Shivaratri is a festival which gets celebrated during the month of March and February but date does not remain the same that is the reason we have written this article for all our lovely readers as this becomes quite tricky to know whether to celebrate the festival today or tomorrow so in this article we will be clearing out all your doubts regarding the date of Shivaratri celebration so that you guys can prepare for it nicely and celebrate it on the accurate day.

When to Celebrate Maha Shivaratri This Year??

Well if we talk about the time of this festival then this greatest occasion falls on either the 13th or the 14th night of Krishna Paksha. As per the Hindu calendar, the festival Maha Shivaratri gets celebrated in the month of Phalgun and as per the Gregorian calendar this occasion falls on in the month of February – March. This auspicious occasion Maha Shivaratri gets celebrated on a dark (moonless) night. Each year this festival gets celebrated with lots of joy and happiness about each year the dates of celebrating this festival are different. If we talk about this year then Maha Shivaratri will be celebrated all around the country on 17th February 2015.

As per our Hindu mythology, Shivaratri is a festival to mark the marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati. However some people think that this festival gets celebrated because on this day the Lord Shiva performed the Tandava Nritya which is the dance of first creation. This festival gets celebrated by taking bath and visiting the Lord Shiva temples and offering panchagavya which are urine (cow), butter milk, sour milk and cow dung. At many places the celebration of Maha Shivaratri takes place at night. This is how this great festival gets celebrated. Hope the information given via this article will be beneficial to you.